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Studying Abroad

More and more, learners are open to pursuing their studies in other countries. But it can be difficult to know where to start.


In the resources below, you'll find links to a range of websites that offer advice and information on how to take the next step in your learning journey overseas.

Australia - Study Options
Study Options is a free advice and application support service for people looking to study in Australia and New Zealand. They are the official UK and Irish representative of Australian and New Zealand universities.

Australia - Study in Australia
This is the official Australian Government website for international students. Use this site to search for courses, institutions and scholarships, read about studying and living in Australia.

Australia - My Future
Myfuture is Australia’s national career information and exploration service, helping people to make career decisions, plan career pathways and manage work transitions.

Denmark - Study in Denmark
The rules for studying in Europe vary from country to country and can be dependent upon where you come from. To help to try and answer students' questions about studying in Europe, has written a series of European country Study Guides. The Study in Denmark guide has plenty of useful information and facts about studying in Denmark.

Euraxess Ireland
EURAXES is part of an initiative involving both the European Commission and countries participating in the European Union's Framework Programmes for Research. The EURAXESS Services Centre helps researchers and their family to plan and organise their move to a foreign country, providing help in all matters related to mobility. All services of the EURAXESS Network are free. EURAXESS Ireland provides free advice and guidance to researchers moving to or from Ireland to develop their research career.


Central Europe - IMS
International Medicine Studies (IMS) provides recruitment and support services to international students. IMS specializes in placing foreign students in Veterinary Medicine, Medical, Dentistry, and Pharmaceutical programmes (taught in English) at European accredited universities.

European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS)
ECTS is designed to make it easier for students to move between countries and to have their academic qualifications and study periods abroad recognised.

European University Central Application Support Service - EUNICAS
Eunicas is an independent application support service. It has been set up to assist the growing numbers of UK and Irish students who are unable to access their preferred university course at home. It also helps students whose main objective is to study abroad. The website has information on over 240 universities across Continental Europe which offer over 850 degree programmes that are delivered through the English language.

Euroguidance is a European network of national resource and information centres for guidance. Euroguidance promotes mobility, helping guidance counsellors and individuals to better understand the opportunities available to European citizens throughout Europe. Euroguidance centres operate in about 34 countries.

Europass is an initiative which aims to help people make their skills and qualifications clearly and easily understood in Europe, thus facilitating the mobility of both learners and workers. The Europass documents have been designed in such a way as to help people chronicle their skills and competences in a coherent manner, whether they are planning to enrol in an education or training programme, looking for a job, or getting experience abroad.

European Qualifications Framework - EQF
The European Qualifications Framework (EQF) is a European-wide qualifications framework which joins the qualifications of different EU members together. In a way, it is a translation of different national qualifications, which makes qualifications in different EU countries easier to understand. The EQF aims to facilitate mobility of students and workers within the EU to encourage development of a mobile and flexible workforce throughout Europe and to help develop lifelong learning.
Learn abroad is a company that supports the increasing numbers of UK and Irish students seeking places on postgraduate programmes in Continental Europe.


PromoDoc is a project funded by the European Commission which focuses on the promotion of european higher education at the doctoral level.

Study in Finland
Finland's world-leading higher education system offers more than 500 English-taught bachelor's and master's degree programmes in 13 universities and 22 universities of applied sciences.

France - Campus France
The French Agency for the promotion of higher education, international student services, and international mobility.

France - CNOUS
CNOUS aims to improve students' lives in many ways, including food services, housing, grants, social and cultural activities, and international mobility.

Hungary - Avicenna
Avicenna is one of the most prestigious colleges in Europe. It has helped more than 3000 students to get into the university of their choice. It offers preparatory programs, which not only teach students the core subjects expected at the entrance examinations, but also introduces them to the main topics which will be dealt with during their university studies.

Hungary - Study in Hungary
Information about courses through English in the fields of General Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Nursing & Midwifery and Veterinary Medicine.

Hungary - University of Debrecen Medical School
The University of Debrecen in Hungary is becoming increasingly popular with international students as they discover its high-quality education, recognition of its degrees and affordable university tuition fees and living expenses. Courses include Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacology, Public Health, Physiotherapy.

Italy - Study in Italy
Study in Italy is a valuable information tool for students wishing to attend higher education (H.Ed.) programmes in Italy, both at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Study in Latvia
The international student guide to education and study in Latvia.

Study Options
Study Options is a free, independent, expert service for anyone looking to study in Australia or New Zealand.

Poland - Study in Poland
Information on programmes in Polish universities taught in English.

Information on universities, courses, funding and fees in Scotland.

Spain - Find a College
This website will help you make informed decisions about studying in Spain. Information on universities, postgraduate studies and undergraduate degrees, tuition fees, language, financial assistance etc.

Spain - Universities
Guide to top universities in Spain.

Spain - Live and Study in Spain
This website provides information on living and studying in Spain.

Holland - nuffic
Nuffic is the Dutch organisation for internationalisation in education.


Holland - Hague
The Hague University website.

UK - Comparing Qualifications in the UK and Ireland
A guide to comparing qualifications in the UK and Ireland.

UK - Courses and Colleges
The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS). Everything you need to know about studying in the UK and Northern Ireland.

UK - Studying in the UK
Information including Northern Ireland on studying in the UK.

UK - Brexit - Studying
Students in both the UK and Ireland regularly receive some or all of their education in the other jurisdiction. This is one of the rights and entitlements associated with the Common Travel Area that Irish and British citizens enjoy. This website provides information on Primary and post-primary that includes cross border travel, Higher Education, Further Education, Erasmus+ and Professional qualifications.

America - The College Board
The College Board is a not-for-profit membership association whose mission is to connect students to college success and opportunity. It was created to expand access to higher education. Each year, the College Board helps more than seven million students prepare for a successful transition to college through programs and services in college readiness and college success — including the SAT and the Advanced Placement Program. The organisation also serves the education community through research and advocacy on behalf of students, educators and schools.

America - Study in the US
The EducationUSA service, which is based in the Fulbright Commission, is Ireland’s primary and official source of information on educational opportunities in the US. It aims to provide accurate, unbiased information about all accredited US higher educational institutions.