Help on searching for courses

Under Course Finder, you have several options to take (see sub menus in left hand margin under Course Finder),  including a direct search link to specific Course Types. To start your search in the Search Dialog box please enter information in one of the search fields provided, this will maximize your results when searching for courses. Once you have searched and get your result, you can refine your search by entering information in other fields. The more entries you make in different search fields the more refined your search. Don’t overdo your refining, it is better to keep your search simple as you will limit your results.

Using a Course Title / Keyword will refine your search to courses containing that keyword - selecting a course type (if All Courses is chosen) will refine your search further. Other common fields to refine your search even further are Attendance Option (full-time, part-time etc), County, Province, Course Provider (will allow you to choose a specific college or school).

Course types are outlined here (in Ireland) & here (outside Ireland)

Please remember when starting a new search to click on the RESET button first to clear all search fields.


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