Education: Getting Ireland Brexit Ready

The withdrawal from the EU of the UK will bring change to many aspects of Irish life.

Many of the arrangements in place regarding education relate to the Common Travel Area with the UK. Where this is the case, no changes to these arrangements are expected.

Further information on what is expected to change and what is expected to remain the same after Brexit is below. For more information on Brexit please see

Students in both the UK and Ireland regularly receive some or all of their education in either country. This is one of the features of the Common Travel Area that the UK and Ireland enjoy. You can read more about the Common Travel Area here.

This notification is intended to give your school some information about the impacts of Brexit on our education system.
For Practical Advice on:
  • Primary & Post-Primary Education that includes Cross Border Travel 
  • Higher Education - including Applications, Fees and Student Support
  • Further Education
  • Erasmus+
  • Recognition of Professional Qualifications

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QQI - Getting Brexit Ready

Important information in relation to quality and qualifications in a post-Brexit scenario

This notification is intended to give you some information about the impacts of Brexit on QQI's area of responsibility - quality assurance of higher and further education and training, QQI awards and recognition of qualifications at home and abroad - in the event of a 'no-deal' Brexit scenario.

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