Youth Employment Support Scheme (YESS)

The Youth Employment Support Scheme is a work experience placement programme targeted at young jobseekers aged 18-24 who are long-term unemployed or face barriers to employment.

It is a weekly payment of €229.20.

The Youth Employment Support Scheme aims to provide jobseekers with the opportunity to learn basic work and social skills in a supportive environment while on a work placement.

All placements under the scheme are advertised on the Jobs Ireland website.

How to qualify

The Youth Employment Support Scheme is available to jobseekers who are:

  • aged between 18 and 24 and
  • have been out of work and in receipt of a qualifying payment for at least 12 months or 
  • unemployed for less than 12 months but are considered by a case officer to face a significant barrier to work

Candidates must be receiving one of the following qualifying payments:

  • Jobseeker's Allowance
  • Jobseeker's Benefit
  • One-Parent Family Payment
  • Jobseeker's Transitional Payment
  • Disability Allowance
  • Blind Pension or Supplementary Welfare Allowance

Rate of Payment

All participants receive a weekly payment of €229.20.

Participants whose underlying entitlement is in excess of that amount will continue to receive their weekly payment with an additional top-up allowance of €22.50 per week.


All placements under the scheme are advertised on the Jobs Ireland website. Please check for placements that you are interested in applying for.

To apply for a placement, contact your local Intreo Centre to speak with a case officer.

Alternatively, if you want a placement with a particular host organisation, you can let them know about the Youth Employment Support Scheme and ask them to go to to apply and sign up. The department case officer will put forward suitable candidates for selection to the organisation.

Host organisations may have selection procedures such as requesting a curriculum vitae (CV) or inviting you for an interview.

For more information visit  Youth Employment Support Scheme (YESS)

YESS (Youth Employment Support Scheme) Guidelines

The European Commission is providing co-funding to the Youth Employment Support scheme for participants under 25 years. The scheme is being jointly backed by the Youth Employment Initiative (YEI), the European Social Fund (ESF) and Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection on an equal funding basis.

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