One Step Up Campaign

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One Step Up has been funded with support from the European Commission, as an initiative which promotes the EU Agenda for

Adult Learning.  Activities in Ireland under the EU Agenda for Adult Learning are co-ordinated by the Department of Education and Skills, and run from September 2012 – September 2014.

The One Step Up campaign aims to help adults to enhance their learning by promoting access to learning opportunities for all adults, a Freephone Helpline, and a calendar of learning events.

The One Step Up website  and helpline has been developed and is managed by AONTAS, the National Adult Learning Organisation, on behalf of the Department of Education and Skills and a Steering Committee which includes the following organisations:

AONTAS (The National Adult Learning Organisation)

AONTAS is the National Adult Learning Organisation, a member organisation which includes almost 500 providers, practitioners, and learners in the adult and community education sector.  AONTAS believes in the right of adults to access quality learning throughout their lives.  AONTAS provides information to adults thinking of returning to education, promotes adult learning through the Adult Learners’ Festival, and carries out research on adult and community education in Ireland.

ETBI (Education and Training Boards Ireland)

ETBI is the national representative association for Ireland’s sixteen Education and Training Boards (ETBs).  ETBs and ETBI came into establishment on July 1st 2013 and were formerly VECs and IVEA respectively.  ETBI provides a range of services to its membership including

  • Representing, negotiating and advocating on behalf of member ETBs.
  • Consulting and negotiating at national level on behalf of ETB members with Government Departments, Trade Unions and with a range of other relevant bodies and authorities.
  • Promoting the development and implementation of appropriate education and training policies, procedures and guidance for member ETBs.
  • Conducting research, devising and delivering education and training programmes targeted at the general ETB membership.


Léargas is a not-for-profit organisation that operates under the Department of Education and Skills and the Office of the Minister for Children and Youth Affairs. Léargas is the National Agency in Ireland for the management of European, national and international exchange and cooperation programmes in education, training and youth and community work and has been managing such programmes for over 20 years.

NALA (The National Adult Literacy Agency)

The National Adult Literacy Agency is an independent charity committed to making sure people with literacy and numeracy difficulties can fully take part in society and have access to learning opportunities that meet their needs.  NALAs activities include tutor training, developing teaching materials, distance education services, policy making, research and campaigns to raise awareness of the causes, extent and responses to adult literacy difficulties in Ireland.

NCGE (The National Centre for Guidance in Education)

The National Centre for Guidance in Education is an agency of the Department of Education and Skills, with responsibility to support and develop guidance practice in all areas of education and to inform the policy of the Department in the field of guidance.  The NCGE co-ordinates the development of the Adult Education Guidance Initiative on behalf of the Department of Education and Skills. There are currently 39 AEGI Services based nationwide within the Education Training Boards (ETBs) and Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT).

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