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Association for Higher Education Access and Disability is an independent non-profit organisation working to promote full access to and participation in further and higher education for students with disabilities and to enhance their employment prospects on graduation. 


The Disability Access Route to Education (DARE) is a third level alternative admissions scheme for school leavers whose disabilities have had a negative impact on their second level education. DARE offers reduced points places to school leavers who, as a result of having a disability, have experienced additional educational challenges in second level education.

Post-School Education and Training 

Information on Options for Adults and School Leavers with Disabilities

The National Council for Special Education (NCSE) in association with the National Disability Authority (NDA) has published an information booklet about the full range of post-school education and training options for adults and school leavers with disabilities.

The NCSE booklet contains summary information on all of the main programmes and supports available to students with disabilities. It also provides convenient links and signposts to where more information and guidance on these programmes can be found.

Click to download – Post-School Education and Training: Information on Options for Adults and School Leavers with Disabilities

Course Search on Qualifax - Disabiltiy Resourced

This search provides a list of CAO courses which have specific supports available for students with disabilities. 


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