Information on Accommodation for third-level students:

For many students, going to college also involves a move away from home and finding suitable accommodation is an important part of the process.

The general advice to first years who need to find somewhere to live is either:

  • Stay in purpose-built accommodation, either on-campus or very close by.
  • Go into "digs" and live with a family, either with meals included, or on a self-catering basis.

The pressure on housing in Ireland in the current academic year with rising rents has seen "digs" becoming very popular again.

The universities and some other colleges offer on-campus accommodation, which has the benefit of being modern and fully-serviced.

Check with your college to see how to book as booking arrangements vary.


Brief overview of on-campus accommodation:

University of Galway:  Applications for accommodation for the academic year 2023/24 at Corrib Village, Goldcrest Village and Dunlin Village (NUI Galway's campus residences) closes 10 March 2023.  Rooms are offered by a computer-generated random lottery (not on a first-come-first-served basis).  All offers are sent by email. A booking deposit of €250 is payable to secure your booking.  The Academic Year fee is paid in two part-payments. A utilities prepayment of €450 for Corrib Village and €375 for Goldcrest Village and Dunlin Village must be paid prior to check-in. Annual rates vary from €3,285 to €7,695 (23/24 rates) depending on room type.  For more information on Academic Year 2023-24 rates.

Maynooth University:  Campus accommodation booking for incoming CAO students for the academic year 2023/24 will be held after the CAO Round 1 offers (expected to be in early September 2023).  The booking will be on a first come first served basis - usually at 10am on the given date.  Please check New Students 2023-2024 for the Booking Date which should be published in early August 2023. No prior registration or form filling is required.  There is no waiting list.  This is a first come first served online booking process and you will be asked to make a payment of a non-refundable booking fee of €600 (covers all utilities and services for the full academic year).  Typical payments are: (Rye Hall and Village single shared bathroom) is €4,577. (River, Rye Hall and Courtyard single own bathroom with en-suite) is €6,107 for the academic year. 

TCD: Trinity Hall is the official residence of TCD and is the recommended accommodation option for all students but particularly for first years and new entrants to College.  It is expected that applications for 2023/24 academic year will will open from 28 March - 22 May 2023 for new entrants to the college. It is anticipated that the provisional offers to CAO students will be made in late June 2023. Offers are made on a random selection basis. Please check Trinity Hall for updates closer to time and Residents information for Indicative Residential Charges for Campus & Trinity Hall 2023/24. 

UCC:  Campus Accommodation for the Academic Year 2023/24 will open for accepting applications on 16 February 2023 and closes 16 March 2023.  Applicants will have 1 month to complete their application to be included in the accommodation lottery. A booking deposit is not required to make an application.  All applications received will be included in the Random Selection Lottery as long as the application is received within the one month time frame, applicants are planning to study at UCC and have a valid CAO Number, Application Number or Student Number. Rooms will be offered to successful applicants by email in the first round of the lottery.  Successful applicants pay a Booking Deposit of €300 at the time of accepting their room offer.

UCD: UCD Residences are moving to a new Booking System. The UCD Residences Portal and the CAO Waitlist open date has yet to be finalised (as at 12th April 2023).  For up to date information go to UCD Residences.  Prospective students will be required to complete an online application form where they can list up to three accommodation preferences.  Once the application is submitted it will be subject to a lottery style randomization. Joining the waitlist is free and the only condition is that you have a UCD course on your CAO preference list.  Fees for 2022/23 varied from €7,160 at Belgrove and Merville, €8,863 at Ashfield, Glenomena and Roebuck Hall, from €9.695 to €10,746 at Village Halls, Roebuck Castle is €11,106 (includes catering fee).  A booking deposit of €720 is required to secure a booking if a room has been offered after a UCD course acceptance in August/September, at the end of the waitlist process. For more information go to the CAO Student's Guide to UCD Residences.

UL: Lottery Applications for 2023/24 closes on 31 March 2023. All lottery applicants will receive their outcome on or before 10th April 2023. Applications for new incoming first year students are not on a first come first serve basis. There are six residential villages at UL ranging from €5,206 to €7,588 depnding on room type.  You will be required to pay a non-refundable €50 application fee.  A €500 depost is payable upon accepting room offer. Accommodation Fees for Academic Year 2023/24.

Griffith College Dublin, which is conveniently located close to the city centre off Dublin's South Circular Road makes its on-campus accommodation Griffith Halls of Residence available to students from other third-level colleges.  

Similarly, on the north side of the city, Marino Institute of Education, Griffith Avenue, also opens its accommodation to students from other colleges. The college is particularly close to DCU, St Patrick's teacher training college and is on a bus route to the city centre.

In Sligo, St Angela's college has its own student residences, also available for booking by students in IT Sligo.

Cost of Living Guide 2022/23 from TU Dublin

TU Dublin release an annual Cost of Living Guide for students.  If you are starting college in September, it can help you to predict and plan your spending. The guide shows that staying at home is nearly €7,191 cheaper for students and their families. 

  • If you are living in rented accommodation, budget €13,305 for the college year. 
  • If you are living at home will need €6,159. 

The following is a guide to the cost of living for a student in Ireland for 2022/23.

Students Living Away From Home  Monthly (€)  Annual (€)
Rent (National- for Dublin)
636 5,724
Utilities 64 576
Food 194 1,746
Travel 48 432
Books & Class Materials 74 666
Clothes / Medical 39 351
Mobile 15 135
Social Life / Misc 75 675
Student Charge 333 3,000
Total 1,478 13,305


Students Living At Home  Monthly (€)  Annual (€)
Contribution to Utilities 34 306
Food 56 594
Travel 48 432
Books & Class Materials 74 666
Clothes / Medical 39 351
Mobile 15 135
Social Life / Misc 75 675
Student Charge 333 3,000
Total 684 6,159


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