Subject Choice

Subject Choice is often referred to as decision time!

You are either 1st Year in secondary school or moving forward into the Leaving Cert. cycle, so it is a time for some serious decisions.  This may be the first time you have the chance to choose which subjects you want to study. It's important that you choose your subjects carefully, as getting the right mix of subjects will affect your future in school, at third level and in the work force.

Make sure to choose your favourite subjects. If you are good at a subject it will come naturally to you, and if you enjoy it, you will excel at it. If you find an area that you are particularly good at, you could boost your ability by choosing subjects which complement each other. Some subjects contain an overlap such as physics and applied maths, or biology and agricultural science.

If you are very unsure of what subjects to choose, you need to consider doing aptitude and ability tests and use the results as a basis for selecting the subjects to which you are best suited.

It is also vital that you take into account future college and career paths and ensure that when it comes to applying for higher education you are not caught out because you did not study a particular subject at Leaving Certificate level. Organise to meet with your Guidance Counsellor who will have knowledge of the subject requirements necessary to gain entrance into particular college courses. Get advice from the teacher of the subject and ask them what the syllabus covers. Speak to other students who have studied the subject and browse the textbooks to see if they appeal to you.

Qualifax - Subjects Requirement Module

Qualifax provides an online Subjects Requirement Module for both Junior and Senior cycle students. 

This module contains a search engine which allows you to check the implications of choosing or not choosing certain subjects and gaining entry to particular courses and colleges. Just click on Junior Certificate Subjects or Leaving Certificate Subjects whichever applies to you.  To view the Leaving Certificate Entry Requirements details click on the course title.


Creative Skills - you enjoy reading, creative writing, story telling etc

Higher Level English, History, Classical Studies, Religous Education, Hebrew Studies.

Mathematical Skills - you are good at logical thinking, numbers and figures

Higher Level Maths, Pyhsics, Accounting, Applied Maths.

Scientific Skills - you enjoy collecting & analysing information and are good at memorising

Agricultual Science, Chemistry, Physics & Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Applied Maths, Maths, Computer Science, Geography.

Practical Skills - you enjoy making things, doing things, knowing how things work

Construction Studies, Engineering, Technology.

Language Skills - you can grasp languages, enjoy learning about different cultures

Arabic, Irish, French, English, German, Spanish, Japanese, Mandarin-Chinese, Portuguese, Latin, Polish, Italian, Russian, Ancient Greek, Lithuanian.

Social Skills - you enjoy learning about society (past and present) and the world around you

History, Classical Studies, Geography, Religious Education, Home Economics, Hebrew Studies, Politics & Society, Physical Education.

Business Skills - you enjoy learning about the business world and everything to do with it

Accounting, Business, Economics.

Artistic Skills - you are talented and gifted in the arts and enjoy using your creativity

Art, Music, Design and Communications Graphics.





Choose a subject because your friend is taking it Choose subjects you enjoy
Choose a subject just because you like or dislike the teacher Choose subjects you are good at
Choose a subject becasue you think it will be easy Choose subjects you need for your chosen career
Choose a new subject without finding out more about it Keep your options open for the future by making a balanced choice now
Make a decision at the last minute without thinking about it Talk to your Guidance Counsellor and your teachers 
But don't panic Talk to your parents or guardians


Junior Cycle Subjects

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  • choose from a variety of assessment support options.

Watch the video to learn how the site works here.

Explore the full range of subjects for Junior Cycle here.


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