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Event Name UCAS 2021 Entry - Deadline for all Undergraduate Courses Except Those With 15th Oct Deadline - EXTENDED
Event Type Application Date, UCAS
Event Date 29/01/2021
Duration 1 day
Location UCAS online
Course Provider UCAS
Comment Students applying to start university or college in 2021 have an additional two weeks to complete their applications, following announcements in the UK to close schools and colleges.

Posted Wed 6 January 2021 - 08:00
The UCAS January equal consideration deadline is the point by which the vast majority of applications are submitted and has now been moved to Friday 29 January at 18:00 (UK time), to allow both students and their teachers and advisers additional time to complete applications and references.

UCAS Chief Executive, Clare Marchant, said: 'We have engaged widely with school leaders and admissions colleagues in universities and colleges as well as students and whilst the feedback is that the vast majority of students are on track with their applications, there is recognition of the significant demands on teachers' and advisers’ time as they move to online learning.

'This decision to extend the deadline is about relieving the pressure not only on students, but also teachers and advisers.

'We know from our data that most students have started their UCAS application and we expect to see the number of applications submitted by 29 January exceed the numbers we have seen in previous years.

'This additional time also allows schools and colleges to support students who do not have readily available access to digital devices to make arrangements to put the finishing touches to their application.

'We strongly advise students not to leave their application to the last minute and if they are ready to submit now to go ahead and do this.

'Whilst students can in many cases apply to courses after the January deadline, applying before 29 January means your application is considered equally against all other students that submit to the deadline and gives students the best possible chance of maximising the numbers of offers they receive.

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