Event Details

Event Name HPAT 2021 - Registration Closing Date
Event Type Registration, Medical Veterinary Dentistry
Event Date 20/01/2021
Duration 1 day
Location HPAT Ireland will be offered in Cork, Dublin, Galway, Limerick, Sligo and Waterford.
Course Provider HPAT - Ireland
Comment in light of the current COVID19 pandemic the finer test day details may be subject to change.
For example we may have to deliver over a few days in order to adhere to social distancing regulations, rather than have a single test day. Candidates will be notified in advance of any changes as soon as we know what is happening. Registration deadlines should remain unchanged.

Early November 2019 – 20 January 2021 (17.15 GMT) - Standard registration period
Event URL Event Web Page - Click Here

Contact Details

Address ACER HPAT-Ireland Office,
Private Bag 55,
Camberwell, VIC 3124,
Fax +613 9277 5757
email cross@acer.edu.au
Website www.hpat-ireland.acer.edu.au