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Event Name Open Day - Study Medicine & Veterinary in Poland
Event Type Open Day, Medical Veterinary Dentistry
Event Restriction Booking Required
Event Date 28/08/2019
Duration 1 day
Location Hilton Garden Inn by Custom House, Dublin 1.
Course Provider Medical Poland
Comment Medical Poland Admission Office invites you to an Open Day to present an opportunity to study Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary, Pharmacy and Physiotherapy in English in the heart of Europe.

In 2018 all our applicants were successfully offered a place at a Polish University - In Poland, we have 12 public universities offering programs in English.

The Open Day is to encourage students and their families to consider studying with Medical Poland, as well as information about Polish public medical university programs in the English language, including degree courses in:


AGENDA (28th August):
17:30 Registration
18:00 Welcome & About Poland
18:10 Higher Education in Poland
18:15 Medical Universities
18:45 Parent's and Student's Account
19:00 Veterinary
19:30 Q & A

AGENDA (29th August)
From 8:00 - Interviews

On the following day, we are happy to invite the candidates, who will provide us with the application documents by the 25th of August, for interview sessions for the Collegium Medicum in Bydgoszcz and the Wroclaw University of Environmental and Live Science.

If you are interested to conduct the interview and secure your place at the university before your Leaving Certificate exams or consider other medical schools in Poland, please contact us on support@medicalpoland.ie as soon as possible.

Register here: https://study-medicine-and-veterinary-in-europe.eventbrite.ie
Event URL Event Web Page - Click Here

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First Name Adam
Surname Krawczyk
Address Medical Poland
36 Belmont Square,
Dublin 5
Telephone 01 430 3070
email support@medicalpoland.ie
Website medicalpoland.ie