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Event Name CAO 2019 - Reply Date for Acceptance to Round 1 Offer
Event Type CAO
Event Date 23/08/2019
Duration 1 day
Location Central Applications Office - CAO online
Course Provider Central Applications Office - CAO
Comment Round one offers will appear on the CAO website from 2pm on Thursday, 15th August 2019.

The Reply date for acceptance of round one offers will be Friday 23rd Aug 2019 at 5.15pm.

Some HEIs will contact applicants who have been offered places rather than waiting until after the reply date; this is because registration and orientation will commence before September in some HEIs.

No postal offers in Rounds One and Two
Round One and Round Two offers will be available online only. Unsuccessful applicants will receive a Statement of Application email from CAO If they have not received an offer by Round One.
Round One offer notification and Statement of Application emails will issue on Thursday,15 August 2019. Email delivery times may vary from applicant to applicant due to the volume of emails being issued–all applicants should expect an email by 3pmon 15 August. Applicants willalso be able to log into their CAO account to check for and accept an offer from 2pm that day, however heavy traffic on the website is expected and applicants are asked to be patient and check back later if a delay occurs.

No postal Acknowledgment of Acceptance
Since 2018, applicants no longer receive postal
acknowledgment of their offer acceptance. On accepting an offer online applicants will receive an email notification and can also log into their account to view their current offer acceptance status. A receipt of acceptance will be available to download for those who require documentation.

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