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International Education Mark (IEM)
QQI will authorise use of an International Education Mark (IEM) by providers who have demonstrated that:
• They have statutory quality assurance arrangements in place 
• They have arrangements in place for access, transfer and progression

• Their programmes lead to awards in the NFQ
• They are compliant with the Code of Practice for Provision of Programmes of Education and Training to International Learners
In order to be eligible to access the IEM, providers will first be required to establish quality assurance procedures.  This agreement confirms a provider’s capacity to develop, maintain and improve the quality of education, training, research and related services for all learners.  Providers will then demonstrate compliance with the Code of Practice, as well as meet other general conditions which may be stipulated.  
Revised legislation to enable the introduction of the IEM is currently being drafted by the Department of Education and Skills. QQI will communicate plans for the introduction of the IEM when available. 
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