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Aeronautical engineering involves the exciting challenge of designing and developing machines that can fly.

Biomedical Engineer
Biomedical engineering has a huge impact on the world we live in today. There are now a variety of medical devices and machines that can both improve health and save lives, thanks to biomedical engineering.

Building Services Engineer
Building services engineering essentially brings buildings and structures to life.

Biosystems Engineer
With the global population rapidly growing resulting in an ever-increasing demand for food and new energy resources there is a significant demand for biosystems, agriculture and food engineers.

Chemical Engineer
Chemical engineering involves the challenge of solving the problems concerned with making and using chemicals and biochemicals.

Civil Engineer
Civil engineering is all about improving and protecting the world we inhabit.

Computer & Software Engineer
Computer & software engineering is the inventive and creative application of engineering expertise to the design and development of hardware and software computer systems.

Electrical Engineer
Electrical engineering surrounds us verywhere in modern society. The electrical engineer supplies us with the ability to harness electricity which has transformed our lives.

Electronic Engineer
Electronic engineering is a rapidly advancing profession and is the driving force behind the development of the world’s information technology.

Industrial & Manufacturing Engineer
Industrial and manufacturing engineering is about the combined art and science of designing, developing and managing the manufacture of quality products.

Mechanical Engineer
Mechanical engineers are involved with almost every aspect of our lives,innovating and designing machines from computers to power generators to medical equipment.

STEPS to Engineering
STEPS to engineering was established in 2000 to encourage primary and post primary students to explore the world of science and engineering.

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