Adult Learners

Aontas is the national Adult Learning Organisation. It provides a wide range of useful information.

Back to Education Allowance
If you are unemployed, getting a One-Parent Family Payment or have a disability, you may be able to pursue approved second-or third-level education courses through the Back to Education Allowance scheme.

Citizens Information
Information about adult education, provided by Citizens' Information. The Citizens' Information Board is the national support agency providing information on a broad range of services.

Crosscare Migrant Project
Crosscare Migrant Project (formerly Emigrant Advice) is an information, advocacy and referral organisation for migrants in vulnerable situations.

INOU - Irish National Organisation for the Unemployed
Find the most up to date information on welfare rights, unemployment statistics, work and training options for people who are unemployed.

NALA is the National Adult Literacy Agency. It offers advisory and referral services for adult literacy.

Higher Education Scholarships for Adult Learners

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