Further Education & Training (FET)


  Q1: What is Further Education & Training?

A: Further Education and Training or FET, offers a wide variety of life-long education options to anyone over 16. FET includes apprenticeships, traineeships, Post Leaving Cert (PLC) courses, community and adult education as well as core literacy and numeracy services. FET courses and programmes are provided through the Education and Training Board network throughout the country as well as through other local providers including online through SOLAS’ eCollege. FET courses are provided at levels one to six on the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ).


  Q2: Who is FET for?

A: FET is for anyone who is over 16 who wants to learn new skills or enhance existing skills to get the right job, progress to third-level or to support the achievement of personal goals.

Depending on the course you choose, there may be certain eligibility criteria - contact your course provider or ETB for more information.


 Q3: What Grants & Allowances are available?

A: There are a range of allwances schemes for jobseekers moving from Social Welfare to training or education.  These are the:

Back to Education Allowance (BTEA)

You can apply for the Back to Education Allowance if you are hoping to attend a Post Leaving Certificate (PLC) course or Institute of Education, full-time.  For further information on moving from Social Welfare to training or education please check www.welfare.ie for benefits and supports.


SUSI - Student Universal Support Ireland

If you are hoping to attend a Post Leaving Certificate (PLC) course you may be able to get a student grant to help with living expenses while you are in education.  Please check www.susi.ie for more information.


Student Finance

This website is a convenient and user-friendly source of information on financial support for further and higher education.  Please check www.studentfinance.ie  for more information.


FET Training Allowances

Training courses provided by the ETB Training Centres are free (except for evening courses) and you may be paid a training allowance for the duration of your course.  You can also claim an accommodation allowance if you need to live away from home for the duration of the course or a travel allowance.  You may qualify for a free childcare place for your child.  FET allowances are not taxable.

Your local Intreo office can advise if you are entitled to any allowances whilst on a training course.


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 Q4: Where can I find FET courses?

A: You can seeach FET courses on Qualifax or go to  thisisfet.ie

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