QualifaX began as a simple computerised list of courses in the mid-1980s. About 1990, the Institute of Guidance Counsellors decided to adopt QualifaX. From this point onwards, QualifaX began to be used throughout the country by secondary school guidance counsellors.

In 1996, a Windows version of the software was released. In 2000, the first CD versions were issued. The copyright of QualifaX was passed to the Institute of Guidance Counsellors in 2001. The Institute provided enormous support to its continued development.

The National Qualifications Authority of Ireland assumed responsibility for QualifaX in 2008. The Authority continues to work with the IGC, and other national stakeholders, to ensure continued development to better support lifelong learning.

Since October 2012 Qualifax is a service of Quality and Qualifications Ireland

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