Why Postgraduate Study

Further study can be one of the most fulfilling experiences of your life, but it is also a tough challenge that can drain both money and time. It is therefore extremely important that even before choosing your postgrad course, that youclarify your motives andwhat it is you want to achieve. Popular reasons for doing postgraduate study include:

  • pursuing a passion for a particular subject: if you love your studies you may wish to do further studies/research in the area.
  • furthering your career: with an increasingly competitive job market, an advanced degree can help you become more employable and earn more money.
  • changing career direction: you may wish to “convert” your skills, knowledge and experience to a new industry or profession.
  • entering a profession that needs a specific qualification: some professions require students to complete additional courses at postgraduate level to qualify in that area e.g. teaching or accountancy.

More than 40 percent of under-graduates today go on to study at postgraduate level and there is a vast array of courses to choose from at graduate level. The Qualifax website is the source for all postgraduate courses in Ireland validated by QQI. Click here to view list of Postgraudate Programmes on Qualifax.

For further information consult the gradireland wesite: http://gradireland.com/

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