Preparation for Lifelong Learning

As you decide to enrol on an adult education course, it is important to consider some points which will have an influence on your enjoyment of learning and ensure your success.You will need to be self-motivated, disciplined, able to set goals, manage your time effectively and open to working with others.

The key to your success will be your motivation for study and a positive attitude towards the different tasks required of you. This approach will need to be backed up by practical organisational skills to make the most of your time and the resources available to you. Naturally, your learning style and particular talents will have a bearing on how you tackle your work.You can save yourself unnecessary effort by learning some simple techniques for dealing with and managing the information which will be presented to you through your course of study.

This Adult Learner Study Skills Guide, which contains many tips on managing your learning effectively, will be of benefit to you as your pursue your course of study.

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