Adult Basic Education

All over Ireland, lots of people are returning to learning and improving their reading, writing and maths. They are people who want to catch up on what they missed at school, parents who want to help children with their homework and those who simply would like to write a letter home.

If you are one of these people help is on hand. A free and confidential Adult Basic Education (ABE) service is available in approximately 126 Adult Literacy Schemes nationwide. This support is available on both a one-to-one and group basis. It takes place in a relaxing, informal environment. People availing of these schemes can upgrade their reading / writing / spelling / maths / computer skills. These classes are offered free of charge and are very accessible as the majority of them are delivered in local outreach centres. This type of learning is 100% focused on the needs of the learner and allows the learners to get advice on their learning.

For further information, contact your local Adult Education Officer (AEO) in your nearest ETB for advice  or Freephone the National Adult Literacy Agency (NALA), 1800 20 20 65  for support and information on where to go for help or visit

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