Event Details

Event Name IRD Duhallow Careers Exhibition 2017
Event Type Careers Exhibition, Information Event
Event Date 04/10/2017
Duration 1 day
Location Edel Quinn Hall, Kanturk, Co Cork
Course Provider IRD Duhallow
Comment This event will give young people, parents and teachers an opportunity to meet with representatives from local and national universities, Institutes of Technology, PLC Training Colleges etc. to discuss further training and education opportunities and to get an insight into the requirements and what each course entails. A Career Guidance Counsellor will be in attendance on the day to offer invaluable advice to students on filling out their CAO and on their further education choices.

Contact Details

First Name Jacinta
Surname Carroll
Address IRD Duhallow
James O'Keeffe Institute
Co Cork
Telephone 029 606 33
email duhallow@irdduhallow.com
Website www.irdduhallow.com