Course Details - Entry Requirements

Dublin Institute of Technology

Music - Commercial Modern Music

Course Name Music - Commercial Modern Music
Course Provider Dublin Institute of Technology
Course Code DT506
Minimum Subjects 2 H5 & 4 O6/H7
Leaving Certificate Entry Requirements Minimum Number of:
Subjects 6
Honours 2H5's

Other Requirements
All applicants must attend an assessment/audition to establish their playing standard and eligibility for the course. Assessments will not commence until after the CAO deadline 1st February, 2018. After the CAO closing date, we will contact all those who have applied and call them for assessment/audition. We will be running our assessments up until at least April.

All applicants for programmes DT501 (Music), DT506 (Commercial Modern Music) and DT529 (Drama) are required to attend an audition/interview. You will be informed of the day on which you need to attend in advance.

Failure to submit a portfolio or to attend a test/audition/interview or failure to meet the required standard will result in an application for the programme involved lapsing and the candidate not being considered further for the programme in question. All assessments will generally take place during the period March - May each year.

Precise information on dates and times of when to submit a portfolio or to attend a test/audition/interview will be notified directly to each applicant. Due to the large number of applicants and the difficulties in scheduling, applicants should be prepared to attend for assessments at short notice. The Institute cannot make special arrangements for those who do not respond to, or are not available to deal with correspondence in respect of portfolios / tests / auditions or interviews.

This table shows the maximum points allocated for assessment procedures. The points achieved by applicants who are successful in any of these assessments will be added to their Leaving Certificate points score where relevant

Audition/Interview 600

Information on Eligibility & Selection

To be eligible for consideration for a programme an applicant must possess the minimum entry requirements for that programme.

Where a programme requirement is 2 or 3 honours, grade H5 or better on Higher Level Leaving Certificate papers is needed to meet such a requirement.

Where a specific grade is required in a subject (H4, O3 etc) an applicant must achieve that grade or better in order to be eligible for consideration (H = Higher Level; O = Ordinary Level).

In the case of both Higher and Ordinary Level Leaving Certificate results, grades lower than H7 (Higher) or 06 (Ordinary) are not acceptable for eligibility purposes or for points calculation.

For the purpose of meeting minimum entry requirements, results from any number of sittings of the Irish Leaving Certificate Examination may be combined.

An applicantís examination score will be calculated by adding together the points scored in the best six subjects in a single sitting of the Irish Leaving Certificate Examination.

Matriculation Examinations will not be accepted either for the purpose of meeting minimum entry requirements or for calculating examination scores.

Selection for entry to DIT programmes will be determined on the basis of examination score except in the case of programmes which involve suitability tests, interviews and other assessment procedures. All suitability tests/interviews/auditions/portfolio reviews etc will generally be carried out during the period March - May each year.

Demand usually exceeds the number of places available and therefore examination results better than the minimum entry requirement are likely to be required.

When a number of applicants have the same points score, a random number is attached to the score for each course preference. This will then determine the position of each applicant on the waiting lists for offers.

Foundation Level Mathematics
The Institute will accept Foundation Level Mathematics for the purposes of entry requirements in the case of any programme where Higher or Ordinary Level Mathematics is not a requirement. Points will not be awarded.

Foundation Level Irish
The Institute will not consider Foundation Level Irish for the purposes of entry requirements or for points.

Bonus Points Maths (Irish Leaving Certificate)
25 bonus points will continue to be awarded for Higher Level Mathematics for H6 grades and above. The bonus points will only be relevant where that subject is scored as one of the applicantís best six subjects for points purposes.