Course Details - Entry Requirements

Cork Institute of Technology

Engineering - Biomedical Engineering

Course Name Engineering - Biomedical Engineering
Course Provider Cork Institute of Technology
Course Code CR520
Minimum Subjects 2 H5 & 4 O6/H7
Leaving Certificate Entry Requirements For admission to a programme, standard applicants must

• score the necessary CAO points and
• meet the minimum entry requirements.

Minimum Entry Requirements
Leaving Certificate in 6 Subjects
Subjects O6/H7 4
Subjects H5 2
Maths Grade H4 or (Note 1)
English or Irish Grade O6/H7

Note 1: The requirement for H4 Mathematics may also be satisfied by H4 in Applied Mathematics plus H6 in Mathematics.

NB: Please note the H4 grade in Mathematics can also be used to satisfy one of the H5 entry requirements.

Helpful Leaving Certificate Subjects
Mathematics, Physics, Biology, and Engineering.

Minimum entry requirements may be satisfied by the results of more than one Leaving Certificate.

Foundation Level Mathematics
Most (but not all) CAO courses in CIT require Mathematics. A pass in Foundation Level Mathematics does not satisfy the entry requirements in regard to Mathematics. There are two exceptions to this rule, CR 655 Culinary Studies, and CR 657 Hospitality Studies, the requirement for O6/H7 Mathematics may also be satisfied by Grade F2 or higher in Foundation Level Mathematics.

Some courses have no requirement for Mathematics. A Grade F2 or higher in Foundation Level Mathematics is recognised as a subject for entry to CIT Crawford College of Art & Design: CR 210, CR 220; and CR 600. CIT Cork School of Music: CR 121; CR 125; CR 126; CR 127; CR 128; CR 129; and CR 700; and CIT Bishopstown Campus: CR 620 and CR 035.

In such cases CAO Points awarded for Foundation Level Mathematics as follows: F1 = 20 points, and F2 = 12 points.

CIT Mathematics Exam
Some students who apply for CIT courses may not achieve the required entry standard in Mathematics through the Leaving Certificate. For such applicants, the Institute offers a second chance to reach the required entry standard through a CIT Mathematics Exam. This second chance facility allows applicants (depending on their results in the CIT Mathematics Examination) to gain entry to courses with an Ordinary Leaving Certificate Mathematics entry standard and (with a higher level of performance) courses with a Higher Leaving Certificate entry standard.

In order to sit the CIT Mathematics Examination, students MUST APPLY ONLINE ( by 12.00 noon on Monday 20th August 2018.

Important Information
The CIT Mathematics Examination is provisionally scheduled to take place on Tuesday 21st August 2018 and is open to all applicants to CIT programmes. A fee will be charged to cover administration costs. In case of over-subscription, CIT reserves the right to restrict the number of candidates for this examination.

This examination is not obligatory and does not result in the award of CAO points. Its sole purpose is to allow a student a second chance to achieve the qualifying standard in mathematics necessary for admission to certain CIT courses. It does not interfere in any way with an application made to other courses or colleges within the CAO system.

In June, sample mathematics examination papers and full details of the arrangements for the CIT Mathematics Examination will be posted on the CIT website at

The CIT Mathematics Examination reflects the actual Mathematical requirements of CIT programmes. It is marked according to procedures and criteria set out by the Department of Mathematics at CIT.

This examination is specifically for applicants who have applied through the CAO for courses in CIT.

This examination does not interfere with your application for any other course in the CAO system. A pass in the CIT Mathematics Examination (i.e. 40% in Paper 1 or 40% overall) will allow an applicant to replace the Leaving Certificate Mathematics requirement of Grade O6/H7 minimum with a Grade O6/H7 minimum in another Leaving Certificate subject.

Attaining a qualifying standard in the CIT Mathematics Examination does not in itself guarantee a place on any course in CIT. The cut-off points for all courses will still apply.