Course Details - Entry Requirements

Institute of Art Design & Technology

English Media & Cultural Studies

Course Name English Media & Cultural Studies
Course Provider Institute of Art Design & Technology
Course Code DL821
Minimum Subjects 2 H5 + 4 06/H7
Leaving Certificate Entry Requirements Min Entry Requirements
2 H5 + 4 06/H7 including:
English – H4

Portfolio No

For standard applicants, selection is based on points. These are calculated by adding together the points scored in the best six subjects in a single sitting of the Leaving Certificate Examination (or equivalent). In the courses for which a portfolio is required, additional points to a maximum of 600 are added, based on the outcome of the portfolio assessment.

Maths Requirements
Some courses will accept Foundation Level Mathematics while others require Ordinary Leaving Certificate Mathematics. Please read the entry requirements for each individual course.

Foundation Level Mathematics For courses that do not specifically require Mathematics as an entry qualification, Foundation Level Mathematics will be accepted. Foundation Level Maths at grade F1 and F2 will count as a passing subject. Points will be awarded for these grades as follows: F1 = 20, F2 = 12.

Bonus Points for Higher Level Maths
A bonus of 25 points will be allocated to students who achieve a grade H6 or above in Higher Level (HL) Mathematics. This means that the maximum cumulative LC points total will increase from 600 to 625 (maximum points plus bonus points).

The bonus points will only be relevant in cases where the subject HL Mathematics (including bonus points) is scored as one of the candidate’s six best subjects for points purposes. Consequently, if HL Mathematics (cumulative points score) is not among these six subjects, the bonus points will not be included in the total points score.

Irish Language requirements Foundation Level Irish, at F2 or better, will meet the minimum language requirement for entry to all courses, but currently no points are added.