Course Details - Entry Requirements

University College Dublin

Nursing - Childrens & General Nursing - Integrated

Course Name Nursing - Childrens & General Nursing - Integrated
Course Provider University College Dublin
Course Code DN451
Minimum Subjects 2 H5 & 4 O6/H7
Leaving Certificate Entry Requirements Entry Requirements
English, Irish, Mathematics, One laboratory science subject, Two other recognised subjects.

Leaving Certificate

You must obtain a minimum of Grade H5 in two subjects and a minimum of Grade O6/ H7 in the remaining four subjects.

Health Screening
Candidates for admission to Medicine (DN400, DN401), Radiography (DN410), Physiotherapy (DN420), Biomedical, Health & Life Sciences (DN440), and Nursing & Midwifery (DN450, DN451, DN452, DN453), Human Nutrition (DN262) are required to undergo a mandatory healthcare screening process prior to admission and from time to time thereafter, in accordance with a stringent healthcare screening policy. There are associated fees for these procedures. Students applying to these courses can find further information on these processes and policies and an up-to-date list of courses requiring screening at registry/admissions.

Student Garda Vetting
Applicants to certain courses will also be required to complete an application to the National Vetting Bureau and/or overseas police certificate. At present the courses requiring Student Vetting include Human Nutrition (DN262), Veterinary Nursing (DN310), Medicine (DN400 and DN401), Radiography (DN410), Physiotherapy (DN420) and Nursing & Midwifery (DN450, DN451, DN452, DN453). Details are available at admissions.

It is important to note that Healthcare Screening and Student Vetting are compulsory course requirements.

Irish Leaving Certificate Minimum entry requirements

– To matriculate on the results of the Leaving Certificate, a student must present at least six recognised subjects selected according to course requirements (see Entry Requirements for each course) and must obtain at least Grade H5 in two subjects and Grade O6/H7 in the remaining four subjects.

– A student may normally combine the results of Leaving Certificate examinations obtained in different years for Matriculation Registration purposes. This concession applies to Matriculation Registration only; it does not apply to the calculation of points. However, it should be noted that students seeking to enter Medicine must meet the minimum entry requirements, including both Leaving Certificate points and matriculation, in the same sitting of the Leaving Certificate.

Acceptable subjects
All subjects of the current Leaving Certificate examination are accepted for Matriculation Registration purposes, with the following exceptions and qualifications:

i. Gaeilge – Bonnleibhéal (Irish – Foundation Level) will not be accepted for Matriculation Registration purposes.

ii. Mathematics Ordinary Alternative/ Foundation Level will be accepted for Matriculation Registration purposes, but not as a substitute for the subject Mathematics in courses for which the subject Mathematics is currently an entry requirement.

Leaving Certificate points are not awarded for either of these subjects.

Applicants presenting Leaving Certificate results from previous which include subjects no longer offered should email admissions@ for advice with regard to acceptability and any exclusions which may apply.

NB The Leaving Certificate Applied Programme is not an acceptable qualification for matriculation purposes.

Combination of subjects not permitted

– The subject “Physics and Chemistry” may not be presented with either “Physics” or “Chemistry”.

– “Agricultural Economics” may not be presented with “Economics”.

– “Classical Studies” may not be presented with “Latin” or “Greek”.

Laboratory science subjects

The following subjects in the Irish Leaving Certificate are recognised laboratory science subjects:

Agricultural Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Chemistry (Joint), Physics.

For Science (DN200) only, Applied Mathematics or Geography may also be used as a laboratory science subject.

For Veterinary Nursing (DN310) only, Home Economics (Social & Scientific) may also be used as a laboratory science subject.

– Minimum points requirements can change from year to year as they are dependent on demand for each course, as well as the number of places available.

– For entry in 2017, 25 additional points will be awarded for a grade H6 or better in Leaving Certificate Mathematics, where that subject is one of the six subjects being counted for points purposes.

– Applicants’ performance in the Leaving Certificate examination is scored on their best results in no more than six individual subjects taken in the Leaving Certificate examination of any one year. This does not preclude an intending applicant from taking school-leaving examinations in two or more years. In this event, the choice of year for scoring purposes will be such as to ensure that each applicant is credited with the maximum possible score.

– It is still possible to achieve matriculation and subject requirements over more than one year. However, for admission to Medicine, applicants must achieve both the required subject grades and the points in the same sitting.

– The subjects and combinations of subjects not permitted for matriculation also apply when computing an applicant’s points score.

– The points scores for Medicine are adjusted when combined with HPAT – Ireland. Please see

– For scoring of pre 2017 Leaving Certificate examinations, please see https://myucd.