Autumn Newsletter 2017



Welcome to the 2017-18 academic year, from the team Angela, Siobhan, Breda, Brendan, Anne and Patricia.
We hope you had a good summer break and we look forward to meeting you at our stand at Higher Options 2017, the Ploughing Championships, Transition Year Expo 2017 and other events during the coming months
The Qualifax website continues to be very busy. Our data analytics for 2016 indicated that we had more than half a million users and overall very positive feedback has been provided. Students and guidance counsellors continue to be the main users but the site is also used by job seekers, adult learners and of course parents. Website users amounted to 530,444 in 2016 with January noting the higher numbers at 77,681.
Please see our Autumn Newsletter for what's new on Qualifax

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