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The National Skills Database by the Skills and Labour Market Research Unit  in FÁS. It has been designed to collate all available information about the supply and demand of skills in Ireland. As such, it provides a platform for the timely analysis and forecasting of the labour market at occupational level.
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This is a list of the Labour Market Information by sectors. The information is being continuously maintained by FÁS.

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Accountants & tax experts

Actuaries, economists, statisticians

Administrative /clerical officers and assistants in civil service

Advertising and PR managers

Architects and town planners

Assemblers / lineworkers

Associate professional and technical occupations not elsewhere classified

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Bank and other financial managers

Bar staff

Biological scientists

Bricklayers, masons

Builders, building contractors

Building managers

Building, mining and other surveyors

Business analysts

Buyers, brokers etc.

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Care assistants and related occupations

Careers guidance advisors

Carpenters & joiners

Chefs, cooks

Chemical engineers

Chemicals, paper, plastic and related process operatives


Childcare & related occupations not elsewhere classified

Civil Service Executive Officer

Civil / mining engineers


Clerks not elsewhere classified

Computer analyst / programmers

Computer operators, other office machine operators

Computer systems managers

Construction trades not elsewhere classified

Craft & related occupations not elsewhere classified

Credit controllers

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Dental nurses

Dental practitioners

Domestic staff and related occupations


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Educational assistants

Electrical engineers

Electrical/ electronic trades

Electrical/electronic technicians

Electronic engineers

Engineers & technologists not elsewhere classified

Entertainment/sports managers

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Farm owners and managers

Filing & records clerks

Fire service officers

Floorers, floor coverers, carpet fitters, tilers

Food preparation trades

Food, drink and tobacco operatives

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Gainful occupations not elsewhere classified

General managers and administrators

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Hairdressers, beauticians etc.

Health and related occupations not elsewhere classified

Health associate professionals not elsewhere classified

Hotel & accommodation managers

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Judges, barristers & advocates

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Laboratory technicians

Legal secretaries

Librarians, archivists & curators

Literary, artistic and sports professionals

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Managers and administrators not elsewhere classified

Managers and proprietors in service industries not elsewhere classified

Marketing managers

Matrons, houseparents, welfare, community & youth workers

Mechanical engineers

Medical practitioners

Medical technicians, dental auxiliaries

Metal forming, welding & related trades

Metal machining, fitting & instrument making trades

NCOs and other ranks including senior officers

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Numerical clerks & cashiers

Nursery nurses and playgroup leaders

Nurses and midwives

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Occupational and other therapists not elsewhere classified

Occupations in agriculture, forestry and fishing not elsewhere classified

Occupations in communications not elsewhere classified

Occupations in construction not elsewhere classified

Occupations in mining and manufacturing not elsewhere classified

Occupations in sales and services not elsewhere classified

Occupations in transport not elsewhere classified

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Painters & decorators

Personal and protective service occupations not elsewhere classified

Personnel managers

Personnel, industrial relations officers

Pharmacists / pharmacologists

Physicists & other natural scientists not elsewhere classified


Planning & quality control engineers

Plant and machine operatives not elsewhere classified


Plumbers, heating & related trades

Police officers

Primary & nursery education teachers

Printing and related trades

Prison service officers

Production managers in industry

Psychologists & other social / behavioural scientists

Publicans, innkeepers & club stewards

Purchasing managers

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Quantity and other surveyors

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Receptionists & telephonists

Restaurant & catering managers

Road transport operatives

Roofers, slaters, tilers, sheeters, cladders

Routine process operatives not elsewhere classified

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Sales assistants

Sales occupations not elsewhere classified

Sales representatives

Salespersons not elsewhere classified

Secondary and vocational education teachers

Secretaries, personal assistants etc.

Security guards

Ship / aircraft officers and air traffic controllers

Social workers, probation officers

Software engineers


Specialist managers not elsewhere classified

Stores managers

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Teaching professionals not elsewhere classified

Technicians not elsewhere classified

Textiles, garments and related trades

Transport and machinery operatives (excluding road transport operatives)

Transport managers

Travel agency managers

Travel and flight attendants

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Underwriters, claims assessors and analysts

University and IoT lecturers

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Vehicle trades


Vocational, industrial trainers

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Waiters, waitresses

Warehousemen / women

Warehousing managers

Wood working trades

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