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Association for Higher Education Access and Disability is an independent non-profit organisation working to promote full access to and participation in further and higher education for students with disabilities and to enhance their employment prospects on graduation 

The Disability Access Route to Education (DARE) is a supplementary admissions scheme for school leavers with disabilities which operates on a reduced points basis. DARE has been established by a number of higher education institutions as clear evidence shows that disability can have a negative impact on educational attainment at school and progression to higher education.

Pathways to Trinity
For students with disabilities pre-entry activities are a key factor in successfully gaining a place in college. Pre-entry contact between service providers in College, incoming students, parents and schools. Positive role models in the form of student 'stories' and realistic advice on specific courses and expectations. Advice and guidance to ensure successful student progress through the first year of college. Pre-entry information to assist with admissions, access routes, course choices and college supports relevant to students with a  disability.  Online academic resources available for help with study skills and exam revision, assistive technology solutions. 

Whilst some of the information is relevant to Trinity, much of the advice is generic to any student applying to any college.

This booklet provides general information about post-school education and training options and supports for people with disabilities.

A wide range of programmes and supports in post-school education and training is available for people with disabilities. These generally aim to assist people with disabilities;-

• in accessing education and training appropriate to their needs,

• in making the transition from schools and in progressing successfully through the various post-school pathways in further and higher education and training.

Various pathways are available. The individual’s choice needs to be accurately informed about the availability and suitability of the various options and supports.

The NCSE developed this guide in collaboration with the range of relevant responsible authorities and providers at national level including the National Disability Authority. 

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Course Search on Qualifax - Disabiltiy Resourced
This search provides a list of CAO courses which have specific supports available for students with disabilities. 

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