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Sharing Qualifax Data

The Transforming Public Services (TPS) programme is the new phase of public sector reform.  This reform requires that public service delivers value-for-money and maximises resources to meet the needs of the public.  Sharing services is an aspect of reform that brings public sector reform to life.  Qualifax has developed a shared data service which delivers on these performance objectives by

  • increasing access to high quality information on education and training across the public sector
  • expanding the access points for education and training information for website users
  • promoting accurate referencing of the National Framework of Qualifications to inform learners' choices
  • addressing the national priorities of up-skilling and re-skilling
  • supporting Lifelong Learning by enabling all learners to explore what opportunities are available both locally and nationally.

Qualifax data feeds

Qualifax has information on almost all education and training courses that are available in Ireland. There is now a facility to provide this data to other users, thus avoiding duplication in the area of data collection while enhancing public sector information provision.  Provider organisations can benefit from Qualifax by ensuring their courses are on the Qualifax system and available to a wide audience.  Public information providers can enhance their offering by availing of the high quality data available from Qualifax.

A number of public sector organisations are now maximising access to Qualifax information through a variety of data feed options.  Qualifax provides data feeds for partner organisations to create a more cost efficient and streamlined service for the public.

Making contact

Most of the Qualifax shared data arrangements that are in place have resulted from users making contact with us where they have identified a need in their organisation. From our experience in data collection, we see that many organisations can encounter some difficulty in maintaining comprehensive data and keeping it current.  In compatible cases, Qualifax can offer a cost effective and easily implemented solution that helps to eliminate these issues.

Qualifax may be able to support your business through data sharing services if :-

  •  your organisation currently compiles and /or holds education and training programme data.
  •  your organisation relays education and training programme information to the public.

Current Data Feeds

  1. Palliative Care This is one of the websites from the Palliative Care Education Taskforce which uses data from Qualifax to provide information about palliative care, end-of-life care and bereavement courses from both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.
  2. Postgradireland. This site specalises in Postgraduate courses for anywhere in Ireland.

For further information, contact:

Siobhan Brennan
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Fax 059 972 3820
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