Leaving Cert Helpline 2018



Helpline 1800 265 165 

Telephone helpline for Leaving Cert students or their parents are available at the following times.

The Helpline is provided courtesy of the National Parents' Council in association with the Irish Independent, eir and supported by the Dept. of Education & Skills.  The Institute of Guidance Counsellors are employed to provide qualified guidance counsellors to give advice and support to both students and their parents

Helpline 1800 265 165


 Wednesday  15 August

 10am - 7pm

 Thursday      16 August

 10am - 7pm

 Friday           17 August

 10am - 1pm

 Monday        20 August

  8am - 7pm

 Tuesday       21 August   8am - 7pm
 Wednesday  22 August   10am - 1pm


We will also have a live online blog this year at www.independent.ie/caolive which will take place on results day Wednesday 15th August from 9am-4pm and CAO offers day Monday 20th August 8am-4pm. 

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